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Lie through your teeth make another believe,

Truth is only what a person perceives,

None can trust in one word you speak,

Pick your deceit out of my teeth,

I don't think you see,

What you mean to me yeah,

Something less than nothing,

Narcissistic and sickened,

Egotistic, isolated,

I can't take your backbiting,

I don't see the point in trying,

So stay away from me,

All that rage stuck in the back of my mind,

I run away 'cause there's no place to hide,

There's a cycle and I will break it,

I'm getting out now I can't take it,

Can't take it,


Expect us all,

Brace yourself,

Here comes the fall,


And you'll fall hard,

And after you,

Your house of cards,

I don't think you understand,

Don't believe you fully grasp,